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It’s autonomous, it’s nearly intelligent. . . give it gun, no, perhaps not

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The US military research unit, DARBA has a long standing and ambitious investment in autonomous robots – from submarines to tanks, to human like combat bots. With the exponential speed of technology advances it’s all looking scarily real. There’s the emerging technology enabling robots to self learn and share knowledge with other robots via a form of Wikipedia for robots. There’s a robot operating system, ROS, and robots that can carry 100 times their own weight.
Unsurprising the great and the good are calling for a ban on autonomous weapons. This is not going to happen in our lifetime. In fact the US Navy launched an autonomous submarine last week. . .
From MIT Technology Review: “Boston Dynamics, the Google-owned company known for its jaw-droppingly agile robots, is at it again.

The latest version of the Atlas robot is smaller, lighter, and looks far more rugged than its ancestor, which was widely used at the DARPA Robotics Challenge last year. The video shows the humanoid recognizing and walking through doors 

Autonomous Robots and Wikipedia for Robots
Autonomous Robots

The new Atlas has added the ability to put up with a lot of abuse. When pushed in the chest, it staggers backward and quickly recovers its balance. Walking through showy woods, it stumbles on uneven terrain but keeps going. And most impressively, when shoved hard from behind, the robot falls over – but then quickly pops back up. Only a few months ago, that kind of resiliency was almost unheard of. More….