Disrupted Reality – now Microsoft launches holographic goggles. . .

A threat to Google’s Magic Leap augmented 3D technology and Facebook’s Oculus

Is this the end of the conventional computer screen? In between Google with Magic Leap and Facebook with Oculus, we now have Microsoft with its holographic goggles. . . here’s a summary of their capability from Wired:

“You used to compute on a screen, entering commands on a keyboard. Cyberspace was somewhere else. Computers responded to programs that detailed explicit commands. In the very near future, you’ll compute in the physical world, using voice and gesture to summon data and layer it atop physical objects. Computer programs will be able to digest so much data that they’ll be able to handle far more complex and nuanced situations. Cyberspace will be all around you.

What will this look like? Well, holograms.”

Potentially, these offerings from Google, Facebook and Microsoft mean that we could be looking at the total disruption of the monitor/screen sector and probably TV manufacturers within a few years. Where is Apple in all of this?