Disrupted Reality – Magicleap takes $540 million from Google to disrupt reality

3D Augmented Reality disrupts reality

Using a huge investment from Google, Magicleap wants to build a 3D virtual reality, which is rather hard to explain in words. As you might expect, this is much easier to explain visually, so it’s best to visit the company’s website and see the demonstration on its home page.

CEO Rony Abovitz explained that the company was building a, “hardware, software, firmware and development platform” that promises to be the next generation of interfaces. Getting rid of dependence on screens, in other words. He has not specified what exactly the format will be, but promised that it would not be a clunky headset.

This promises to be a disruptive leap in, well, everything. Think of being in the cinema and having a film take place around you (or even involving you), or imagine playing Call of Duty when you are actually in the combat.

The company’s product will go into competition with that of Oculus Rift, which Facebook purchased in 2014. This takes the 2D version of Oculus and turns it into 3D – via Google of course.