Disrupted Reality – the background to the largest “C" round in history – Magic Leap

$1.3billion VC without a public product says something about the potential “nextgen” computer interface

Disrupted Commentary

With virtual reality getting real momentum in the market it could be argued that augmented reality is being eclipsed…except for Magic Leap seems to defy the gravity.
Magic LeapWith an original funding round of $500m from Google 20 months ago they just landed a further $800m – the largest C round in history and not even with a product in the market.
Whatever it is it’s going  to be disruptive. I wonder what Apple is doing…
From Wired: “There were people everywhere. Fresh off raising $794 million in funding—likely the largest C round in startup history–Magic Leap had been hiring faster than it could find seats for its

growing cadre of designers and engineers and had amped up its already packed demo schedule. Just behind me, a leaper, as Magic Leap’s employees are called, handed a visitor a clipboard to review an NDA. To the left, another leaper ushered a pair of fashionably dressed guys out of a glass-walled conference room, presumably also en route to a demo””….more