Disrupted Psychology – using big data and AI brings treatment to the masses

The Internet of Psychology brings AI consultation to the masses – next generation Turing test?

iDisrupted Commentary

There’s a lot going on in the world of human emotion and artificial intelligence – surprisingly as one would think that computers don’t have emotional intelligence. It’s big data that allows the meta interpretation of emotion. . . we have AI that gets angry, AI that understands regret and now we have another IBM Watson play – helping AI make the best recommendation of counsellor for your individual needs.

Partnering with online startup Talkspace – whose interesting blog is AI Psychology. Talkspace is picking up the large amount of meta data and matching and feeding it into Watson – for the purpose of making ever better matches between patient and specialist; and, we believe, to eventually provide its own consultations. That’s a real extension of the Turing Test.

Here’s the company ad: