Disrupted Materials Science – Graphene to be used for 3D printing

The new wonder material – Graphene – can now be used for 3D printers. Is this truly the end of mass manufacturing?

Graphene is extraordinary stuff. It is a super strong material with high conductivity and is touted to be the “next silicon”. It’s the strongest material known to man. Graphene Lab has announced a new composition of this extraordinary substance, which will enable it to be used for 3D printing.

With the substance properties, it means that 3D printing can now to move into the next commercial opportunity beyond printing in plastic.

How does this disrupt mass manufacturing? 3D printing has always had the promise to personalise any product and enable you to print it from your 3D printer (and there are 3D printers that can print themselves), but it was limited to printing in plastic variants and therefore had limited commercial use. Printable graphene changes everything – now items that were metal can be printed in something even stronger. Is the end of the Chinese manufacturing domination?