Disrupted Marketing – 3D printing makes product personalisation possible

Disruption Index: 8/10

iDisrupted Commentary:

We’ve been talking and implementing personalised digital marketing for years – here’s the ultimate extension – personalised product. . . offering complete linear marketing integration from ad to product – all focused on the customer being able to design their own product.

Change marketing and manufacturing massively and positively going forward.

Pebble is a smartwatch pioneer – they came onto the scene in 2012 raising an extraordinary social funding round on Kickstarter of over $10 million. In March of 2015 they are well on the way to raising a further $20 million – all for the purpose of producing self personalised and customised product.

Potential customers can personalise their own wristbands for the watch online…here’s commentary from 3dPrinting :

“Pebble has decided that in order to succeed in a market with Apple they must differentiate themselves. How are they doing this? Via 3D printing. Late last month we did a story on Pebble, which had announced that they will be offering free downloadable 3D printing files to whomever wishes to print out their own custom watch bands. Yesterday the company released mechanical and electrical designs so that hobbyists and designers can begin customizing their very own 3D printable smartstraps. In doing so, Pebble is attracting individuals to their brand who want to be a part of their watch design, people who take pride in the fact that they are different, and that they made an impact on the watch that they are wearing.”


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