Disrupted Manufacturing – 3D printing – massive advances

Two new advances in Materials Science – A 3D printing metal welder and aluminium 3D printing material

Two major advances in 3D printing in the past week.

Firstly a new aluminium based 3D material that allows metal to be printed for this first time – we’re quickly moving away from plastic being the only printable material and therefore we can move into much more viable product – likes cars and chainsaws for instance. The materiel is called Alumide from iMateriel.

The second development is 3D printing augmented with a MIG welder  – “Molten3D TIG welding DIY metal 3d printer by Steve Delaire

Here is new DIY 3D metal printer based on a TIG welding  (Tungsten Inert Gas) process created by Steve Delaire. It is still under development but the project is very interesting as is any attempt to make homemade fully functional metal 3D printer.”


Printed cars now an imminent reality.