Disrupted Life – how predictive AI will change our lives (and another death blow to advertising)

Here’s a scenario we all need to think about. . .

Search Bot;”Hello John I believe your water boiler is about to malfunction – shall I get it repaired before it breaks?

John; Yes please research how.

Search Bot; ok there are 3 boiler engineers within 5 miles, one can come over around 4.00pm on Tuesday and I notice you are at home – but this one has the worst reputation – shall I look further?

John; yes please.

Search Bot; the best rated and most expensive is only available in 3 weeks time which I believe is just within the limits of the boiler – shall I book?

John; but aren’t I out that day?

Search bot; yes but only 10 mins drive away so you could easily come back.

John; ok go ahead and book.

Search bot; just done so and put it in your calendar – I will order you an Uber closer to the time.

Serendipdous DiscoveryAll AI based and coming from Apple Siri, Google Now and Microsoft Cortana. The data point the AI engine will engage with are highlighted – 14 data points to be precise and the AI algorithm has to stitch them all together.

This is fantastic – a huge boon to the quality of our life – with the exception of one thing – serendipitous discovery. How do people find what they aren’t looking for? Major disruption in the advertising market. All after the iOS9 advertising disruption two weeks ago.