Self Learning Robots

Self learning and self healing robots confirm the redundancy of humans?


Hot on the heels of a Google for Robots, an operating system for robots, liquid metal robots, emotional robots and highly dexterous robots (yes, many of the major functions of human being – read into this what you will) we now have a self learning robots.

From Gizmodo;
“One thing robots are notoriously bad at is learning by doing. You can pack plenty of information into a robotic brain, but ask a bot to teach itself a new motor task—even one as simple as stacking blocks or unscrewing a water bottle—and you’re probably shit out of luck.

That, however, might be changing very soon. Researchers at UC Berkeley are now developing algorithms that robots can use to learn all sorts of tasks through trial and error, just like humans do. In practical terms, this could eventually lead to home service robots capable of handling any number of tedious tasks we’d rather not do—screwing in lightbulbs, plunging toilets, folding laundry.”