Disrupted Humanity – how AI learns to react to human emotions

Is this the final part of the pattern? – AI reacting to emotion as well as action and logic.

iDisrupted Commentary

I talk a lot at conferences about the future of employment and the safe jobs – creativity and caring.

I’m starting to think I’m wrong. We’ve previously talked about AI acquiring the ability to be humorous, to be creative and to learn to read anger in humans.

Nope I am wrong, nothing is safe from AI.

AI is being taught emotion
Is this the final part of the pattern – AI reacting to emotion as well as action and logic?

Here’s an article from Engadget that puts the final nail in the coffin: “A team of Stanford researchers have developed a novel means of teaching artificial intelligence systems how to predict a human’s response to their actions. They’ve given their knowledge base, dubbed Augur, access to online writing community Wattpad and its archive of more than 600,000 stories. This information will enable support vector machines (basically, learning algorithms) to better predict what people do in the face of various stimuli.

“Over many millions of words, these mundane patterns [of people’s reactions] are far more common than their dramatic counterparts,” the team wrote in their study. “Characters in modern fiction turn on the lights after entering rooms; they react to compliments by blushing; they do not answer their phones when they are in meetings.”

In its initial field tests, using an Augur-powered wearable camera, the system correctly identified objects and people 91 percent of the time. It correctly predicted their next move 71 percent of the time.” more