Disrupted Human Race – lethal autonomous weapons – aka The Terminator becomes reality?

This is truly scary – that a campaign has started to save us from our own weapons systems

Can The Campaign To Stop Killer Robots Save Us From Weapons That Kill On Their Own?

Today’s military drones are controversial enough. But at the very least a human is still at the helm – even if in an office far away – and is deciding about when and who to target in attacks. In the future, as autonomous weapons technology advances, it may be compassion-free “killer robots” rather than people making these life-or-death decisions.

A growing number of humans rights activists, ethicists, and technologists who fear this emerging threat are visiting the United Nations this week to call for an international agreement to ban the development and use of fully autonomous weapons technology, in the same way that other tools and tactics of war are banned, such as chemical weapons.

“If these weapons move forward, it will transform the face of war forever,” says Nobel Peace Prize winner Jody Williams, a founding member of the “Campaign To Stop Killer Robots,” an international coalition formed this April.

Save us from Autonomous Weapons