Disrupted Housing – a 3D printed six storey building (yes, you did read that correctly)

Chinese company 3D prints a whole building – the home grown home

A clear and amazing example of how 3D printing and 3D printing technology is growing at an exponential rate is demonstrated by the recent printing of a six storey building.

The company is a leader in 3D printing. Here’s the briefing from 3DPrint: “Using a machine which measures a staggering 20 feet tall, 33 feet wide and 132 feet long, the team at WinSun started with a basic CAD drawing which they fed to the massive 3D printer that was able to fabricate the structure piece-by-piece using a specially formulated and patented ‘ink’. The ink, which includes construction waste such as concrete, fiberglass, sand, and a special hardening agent, is an incredible way to recycle general construction materials — not to mention it is flexible, self-insulating, and resistant to strong earthquakes. The walls and other components of the structure were fabricated offsite with a diagonal reinforced print pattern and then shipped in and pieced together. The company then placed beam columns and steel rebar within the walls, along with insulation, reserving space for pipe lines, windows and doors”.

The potential to disrupt the construction business is vast. Imagine being able to design your home on your iPad and then sending the design off to be 3D printed. . .