Disrupted Geography – how technology is changing local business models

Tech is now here that can expand the reach of local business to international markets – for free

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Local business meets technology and you will be local no more. We’ve previously covered technology that allows – and encourages – people to communicate with each other visually  – starting with Skype many years ago (but recently updated with the amazing Skype real time language translation) which needed specialist software, moving to custom video chat for customer services  recently – then ultimately moving towards virtual reality in education.
Like everything else in tech you need a base level of infrastructure before you can make money and in this case the new WebRTC standard allows video comms with the need for plugins – thus making the tech accessible to youDisrupted Geography WebRTC for Local Commercer grandma. Once the base level tech is reached then companies can start to make money out it.
We’re starting to see the advent of “geographic extension” applications that allow the consumer to consult or learn from a vendor well beyond local commuting distance and local vendors able to reach beyond their local hinterland. An example of this emerging business model is PawSquad – see the commentary below:
Tech startup PawSquad has launched the UK’s first national vet video consultation service as it looks to shake up “unsophisticated & analogue” £3bn veterinary sector.

In much the same way the medical profession has enthusiastically embraced telemedicine, PawSquad claims its arrival will alter the way pet owners buy a range of veterinary and care services.

For the first time they’ll be able to benefit from instant face-to-face video advice and guidance from an experienced veterinary surgeon – at a time and place of their choice – at industry-leading prices.

Diwaker Singh, PawSquad chairman and cofounder, said: “To date the digital revolution has by-passed it and it remains analogue and unsophisticated in nature. While the world has gone digital and mobile, it’s lagged behind – making it ripe for technology disruption.”

By leveraging the benefits of a distributed workforce – made possible by its online service – PawSquad says both consumers and vets will benefit with consumers enjoying instant access to professional advice at industry-leading prices and vets being able to fit work around their other commitments and/or supplement their existing income by taking on locum work.

The ability to drive down costs allows PawSquad to charge £15 for a 15-minute consultation – by comparison a 10-minute appointment at a ‘bricks and mortar’ practice costs between £35 and £40.

Singh  said: “PawSquad offers pet owners on demand access to affordable professional advice and guidance without the hassle of travelling to a bricks and mortar vet centre.

“It’s a better fit with our hectic lifestyle – and cheaper on the wallet.

“It’s important to understand we’re not removing the need for veterinary practices – we’re a supplementary service. Our vets offer triage and guidance on a range of non-critical areas – but they don’t diagnose. If a pet requires emergency care, it needs to get to a bricks and mortar veterinary clinic for a physical examination.”

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