Disrupted Fashion – Google brings the Internet of Things to clothes

Google Project Jacquard adds much needed value beyond creativity to the fashion industry

iDisrupted Commentary

The fashion industry is polarised into very specific areas – fashion and workday utility. The first disruption – and one with Disrupted Fashion – is 3D printing – the ability for consumers to design and print their own clothes.

Disrupted FashionNow on the horizon is Google Project Jacquard (see the Youtube video below) – bringing disruptive technology through disruptive material science, to the whole sector – potentially allowing clothes to become an extension of your mobile devices – fully integrated with gesture, temperature and location vectors to adapt your personal environment:

This is a potentially positive disruption by extending the addressable fashion market into doing stuff it’s never had the potential to do before. It will make people spend more time on their phones which in turn helps Google by increasing the addressable advertising market.

The first customer for disrupted fashion technology like this is Disrupted Fashion.