Disrupted Farming – Fitbit for Cows

Internet of the Things brings positive disruption to farming

iDisrupted Commentary

More positive disruption coming to the farming business – we’ve seen vertical farms, big data for farming and insect farming. Now we have Fitbit for Cows – an Internet of Things (#IoT) disruption that will allow farmers to keep track of cattle and react according to feeding and sickness. Several startups are playing here – quantified ag (video below below is self explanatory).

Disrupted Farming - Fitbit for CowsHere’s the article from Engadget“If you’ve ever road tripped across the United States, you’ve probably seen one: a feedlot, populated by hundreds (if not thousands) of cows. These animals are the lifeblood of the American beef industry, but caring for them is no small chores. Caretakers typically have to walk the fields and visually check the heard for obvious cues of sickness, heaststroke or fatigue. It’s hard, tedious work, but there are a few companies out there trying to make it easier. How? By building fitness trackers for cows, of course.

It’s not nearly as silly as it sounds. Equipping cows with devices that tracks their vitals (temperature, appetite, activity level, etc) and storing it in a local server could provide farmers with an easier way to identify sick animals. A cows temperature could raise enough to signal that it might be getting sick, for instance, but not enough to affect its behavior in a way that a ranch hand might visually notice something was wrong. It’s a solution that’s easier for feedlot owners, better for animal health and, ultimately, safer for consumers.”