Disrupted Everything – what you need to know about Google product plans

A comprehensive view of the disruption waves Google is planning to make

Excellent view from ArsTechnica: “It’s that time of the year again—welcome to the Google Tracker! This is a bi-annual series where we recap every ongoing project (that we know about, at least) inside of Google’s sprawling empire.
Though from now on, perhaps we should say, “Every ongoing project inside of Alphabet’s sprawling empire.” “Google” is now a mere company inside of “Alphabet,” the newly formed umbrella company created by Google’s founders. Most of the Google side projects we’ve been tracking in the past have been spun off into companies inside of Alphabet, but rest assured we’re stiAlphabet Product Plansll keeping track of everything.

As always, the Tracker is a big roundup of previous announcements, rumors, and a bit of speculation. The 2015 entries worked out well—the Chromecast 2, Google On, Google Photos, YouTube Gaming, and tons of Android features were represented. We can’t promise everything listed here will be released in 2016, but this is certainly a running list of everything we’ve heard about. If you’ve been slacking all of 2015 and not paying attention to the news, consider this your “Google CliffsNotes” for the upcoming year”more