Disrupted Entertainment – games industry to grow by 30% – the future of the unemployed?

In 2025 there will be 44 million white collar workers without a job – is this what they will do?

iDisrupted Commentary

A recent report by Mckinsey indicates there will be 44 million white collar workers out of a job by 2025 mostly caused by AI. Another recent report by PwC indicates that the games business will grow by 30% by 2019.

The formulae looks like this then; AI disrupts everything and cause the wholesale disruption of middle class office work. Millions thrown out of work. Not a problem though – we keep them at home immersed and entertained in virtual reality. For the first time it might be rather fun not to have a job.

Good news for the tech giants though, they make money from the AI systems that replace the office workers and then make money again from the VR games they own. Having their cake and eating it.

There is a small problem though. Who pays for the middle class to sit at home and play. Who pays for their food, and clothes, and accommodation? The companies making the real money will be the Google’s of this world. There’s the problem because they seem to be a little reluctant to pay taxes where they operate. . . (well that one view, here’s a piece on Google’s Corporate Tax).