Disrupted Energy – The world's largest solar power plant is up and running

Massive solar arrays pose yet another threat to traditional power generators

First Solar has recently finished building Topaz, a 550-megawatt plant that is now the largest active solar farm on the planet. The installation’s nine million solar panels cover 9.5 square miles of California’s Carrizo Plain. The installation should power 160,000 homes, and will soon be joined by a second solar farm that will match its generation capacity. SunPower also has plans to open an even larger plant – Solar Star – generating 579 megawatts and this is due to go live in 2015. These solar plants have been a long time coming, and they promise eco-friendly energy for hundreds of thousands of Californian residents. Credit Engadget

Combined with huge increases in the efficiency of energy storage, this is going to have serious disruptive consequences for energy companies such as RWE.