Disrupted Energy – Worlds largest grid capable battery installed in California

Massive lithium ion battery installed in California will help to stem blackouts

With the huge amount of advanced alternative energy storage being announced we are at last starting to see the ability to store grid level power produced in times of over capacity. Potentially linked to green technology such as solar and wind we seem to heading towards a hugely disrupted period when the huge power conglomerates of the 80’s, such as AWE, go bankrupt.

Here’s the press release;

Advanced energy storage was chosen as a cost effective way to ensure critical power system reliability in the Western Los Angeles Basin. This award comes as California seeks a variety of new generating resources and advanced energy solutions to replace the retired San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station and a number of older natural gas-fired power plants which will retire to comply with California’s policy on the use of ocean water for cooling. AES has also been awarded contracts by SCE for new combined cycle power plants at its existing Huntington Beach and Long Beach facilities.