Disrupted Energy – momentum?

Green energy is moving from a problem child to a teenager with attitude

iDisrupted Commentary

We’ve been covering energy disruption for about 18 months but in the past few months viability has started to accelerate – last week we looked at how wave generated energy is becoming real.

From Techcrunch: “It’s 6AM and I’m rolling out of bed. But before my feet hit the floor, my “home energy management agent” is negotiating with the California Independent System Operator (ISO), the nerve center controlling the flow of electricity on the grid.

Normally, I’d get my coffee first and then jump in the shower. But my personal agent has alerted me to the fact that a hair-trigger condition has developed! There is a hydro plant in the Sierras getting ready to ramp up production to meet the morning demand. I’ve already told my agent that it’s OK to request that I rearrange my schedule in modest ways, so it’s concluded that if I (and enough other homeowners!) can hold back on energy consumption for 10 more minutes, the hydro turbines won’t need to open, and the reservoir won’t need to be drained further.

[One of my passions is kayaking in the lakes and reservoirs of the Sierras, and I hate to see the water level drop.] As I jump out of bed, a text suggests that I “shower first, then coffee!”

With an aggregate impact of small decisions made by homeowners like me all over the state, we succeeded in averting the need for that reservoir to drain further…at least for today. This vision will become reality. But for now, we lack the ability to directly influence our energy sources, and we certainly have no way to express environmental priorities in such transactions.

When you flipped on your light switch this morning, where did that energy come from? What were the environmental impacts of its generation, transmission and use?”…more