Disrupted Energy – Firms such as RWE and EDF falling off a cliff caused by disruptive energy tech

In the view of iDisrupted, energy will be the most disrupted industry sector with the most potential to have disintegrating balance sheets

Most of the world’s energy providers are facing strategic crises around investments, innovation and balance sheets. Balance sheets are huge with gargantuan investments in nuclear, gas and coal power stations. But technology is accelerating at an increasing rate and big power companies such as EDF and RWE face big challenges from two areas.

1) Battery technology. Grid capable battery technology is being implemented at an increasing rate. California has recently implemented grid capable batteries and Norway has recently become the world’s largest battery. So the argument that renewables, such as wind and solar, produce power that can’t be stored and is therefore wasted is being destroyed almost on a daily basis.

Grid capable batteries from Saft

2) Personal power generation technology is accelerating very rapidly. Within three years we may not need to be connected to the grid at all. Combined with new generations of household capable batteries the solar panels on your roof may well enable you to disconnect from the grid, or – even worse for the power generating companies – actually start to pump excess energy into the grid itself.

It does rather bring into question why the UK will need the $40 billion Hinkley Point nuclear plant.