Disrupted Energy – battery tech that's growing at an accelerating rate

Grid capable batteries keep on coming to disrupt major power generating companies such as RWE

We’ve been predicting that battery technology will accelerate at such a rate as to demolish the balance sheets of traditional energy businesses, such as RWE, for some time now. It started in 2014 and it’s gaining real traction.

A new grid capable battery has been installed in Hawaii that makes a local grid totally independent by storing solar power – the company responsible is called Acquion Energy. To quote a recent article from MIT: “Conventional batteries would be too expensive or unreliable to use for grid-scale storage. The new batteries coming online use materials and manufacturing processes that not only lower costs but should also allow them to last for decades.” See: Storing the Sun and A Battery to Prop Up Renewable Energy Hits the Market.

Similar grid-battery projects are taking off in California, propelled by new regulations designed to accommodate shifts in renewable energy. See: A Battery Made of Iron Could Improve the Economics of Solar and Wind Power. Last month, Ambri – a start-up based in Cambridge, Massachusetts that makes batteries out of molten metal – announced that it would connect its batteries to the grid for the first time later this year in a series of pilot projects in Massachusetts, New York, Hawaii, and Alaska. See: Ambri’s Better Battery.

This will have the technomics effect of crushing the balance sheet valuations of traditional power generators such as RWE and making the long-term multi billion dollar construction of nuclear plants a waste of money.