Disrupted Energy – 3D printed bricks able to cool buildings with water

Another nail in the coffin for big energy companies..

Air Conditioning is a major consumer of energy worldwide, and it’s been on the increase for years. In addition to the Arab states and the USA, China is becoming a major user of air conditioning, which means demand on energy companies such as RWE is increasing. However, disruptive technology from green energy storage  and now energy saving building materials  are converging to give power generators yet another strategic headache.

China Air Conditioning 3D print magazine has published an excellent article on new 3D printed bricks that can cool a building using just water. It states: “Using 3D printing technology, Emerging Objects has come up with a solution which may be able to greatly reduce the use of air conditioning systems in these hot, dry climates. The device, which is called the Cool Brick has the ability to cool down an entire room simply by using the most abundant compound found on Earth — water.

In actuality, the Cool Brick is not a new invention. It is based on a system that many believe dates back over 3,300 years. However, using 3D printing, Emerging Objects was able to perfect the system, and improve upon earlier designs.”