The artisan economy comes alive thanks to Amazon

With 44 million white collar workers out of a job in 2025 what do they do?


When we published iDisrupted in late 2014 we made some big predictions on what disruptive technology would do to the future of mankind. . . one of which we called the Downton Economy;
Technology may distort the economy and create a Downton Abbey economy. Emerging trends, such as the Free Economy and the Sharing Economy, can potentially make most of us better off, but they carry dangers. Take as an example sharing photographs via social media taken from our smart phone. This is a positive development, but can undermine traditional businesses, for example Kodak. The combination of the Free and Sharing economy could lead to lower tax receipts for governments. This leaves fewer resources for the government and less funding for public services. Also, if AI and robotic technologies continue to develop at a rate commensurate with Moore’s Law, many jobs will be replaced by robots, which don’t require wages. This means owners of technology businesses will become the rich minority, leaving the rest of us to become the under class. A future society could reflect that of 1900, where we saw the haves and have-nots. We must find a way of ensuring that the fruits of technology trickle down, creating demand for the kind of jobs that computers and robots will find hard to do.
Some months later we went further in our blog post “The Return of the Craftsman” where we discussed enabling the new generation of home workers with technology that allowed them the facility to become the artisans of the new millennium.
3D printing (digital manufacturing) provides the personalised manufacturing facility for people to design and manufacture personalised product.
What was needed was a product capability and it came in 2015 with the launch of Amazon’s 3D printing bureau – simple email your design and they will 3D print and send the finished product back to you.
What was needed was a method a product distribution – and here it is:
Amazon Launchpad is the place to discover unique and unexpected products from today’s brightest startups. We curate the cutting-edge, showcasing an ever-expanding collection of fresh new products from popular crowdfunding platforms, incubators and startups. Explore the stories of the inventors and entrepreneurs that brought these ideas to life, then buy with the all confidence you expect from Amazon. And remember, everything we offer is eligible for Amazon Prime’s free two-day shipping.
The  circle is now complete. Now we need the inventors, the craftsmen, the artisans.
The dawn of a newArtisan Economy through Digital Manufacturing industrial revolution.