Disrupted Employment – big data is going to cause the polarisation of employment

Big data = polarisation of jobs by 2025

iDisrupted Commentary

Disruption in the jobs market seems to be on a roll at the moment. We recently reported Google’s slightly creepy cradle to grave employment strategy. We have talked about the jobs you might be doing in the next decade.

Using US census data Harvard PhD student Robert Manduca plotted where the major concentrations of jobs are likely to be. It’s a fascinating exercise and well executed visually. . .

So let’s say you’re in professional services – a lawyer – and you want to move closer to your family BUT you want to make sure that you have lots of job prospects in the Fort Disrupted EmploymentCollins area of Denver – using this visualisation you can see where the jobs are – now overlay that with LinkedIn job ads and you have a pretty good idea where the legacy jobs are and the new jobs in the area you want.


The implications are polarisation as jobs become more scarce – economically that polarisation means lots of workers with similar skills in the same place that drives wages down.