Disrupted Disruptors – how disruptors from 15 years ago are being disrupted themselves

Facebook is in a disruption war with Google and now has eBay in its sights

iDisrupted Commentary

There’s a real trend emerging at an increasingly high speed – disrupting the disrupted whilst they disrupt legacy businesses and organisations and government.

Facebook seems to be the new disruptor – having launched several fronts in its war against Google (sorry Alphabet).

A recent post by TechCrunch indicates that it’s going after eBay through launching a trial of its “Local Market” product – in which case it opens up a market for “used” product in a very large emerging market millennials.

So Disruption 1.00 now becomes Disruption 2.00

A number of Facebook users recently reported seeing a new feature called “Local Market” appearing briefly in their Facebook iPhone app, sometimes in place of the “Messenger” button at the bottom center of the screen.

Disruption 1.00 now becomes Disruption 2.00
Disruption 1.00 now becomes Disruption 2.00 – photo courtesy TechCrunch

The feature, which is only in testing but not broadly distributed, is a more structured marketplace aimed at buyers and sellers, allowing Facebook users to browse through or post items to sell across a variety of product categories like autos, appliances, furniture, clothing, household, kids, books, and much more.

For those who dug in further, they found this new section included both a “Buy” and “Sell” interface, as well as a way to search across the marketplace for particular items using keywords. Items available for sale are categorized, and include photos and prices.

Users could customize their own Local Market by selecting “collections” they wanted to follow such as “Everything Free,” “Men’s clothes,” “Top Cars,” “Dress for Less,” and others.

The option to post to Local Market also appeared when someone created a post in a local selling group on Facebook. Here, users could check that they also wanted to cross-post to “Local Market.” The informational pop-up explained, “Reach more people near you. When you post in Local Market, people who live near you will see your item in Local Market under Favourites.”  

Some users told us that Local Market was only live for them for a brief time – like, around two hours. Not everyone was able to access the section, saying that, though they had the option, it spent most of its time stuck “loading.”

We understand that Local Market will be accessible through a dedicated tab on mobile as well as through a bookmark under Favorites on the desktop, which will allow users to see all items that have been posted locally in their area.

The section is being populated by pulling in items from Facebook’s “sale” groups in a given geographic region. That’s why even though the feature itself is new, some categories already had thousands of items.

These sale groups, for those unfamiliar, are one of the more popular ways people are using Facebook Groups today, as they provided neighborhoods and communities with tools to browse, search, buy and sell in an online garage sale-like format. Some people also join them just for the sake of being part of a local community.