Disrupted Disruption – how Ford plans to eat its own lunch

How a massive corporate bites the disruption bullet before the bullet bites it

iDisrupted Commentary

Corporates are heading for a lot of disruption – from ad agencies to pharma to banks, but one of the biggest victims of disruption will be the automotive industry. Hit by a perfect storm of self driving cars3D printed cars, disrupted cars and an anti pollution drive in many major cities, car manufacturers must be getting worried that the heady days of 1 or 2 car families may end up as 1,2 or 3 families per car – great for the environment, terrible for manufacturing.

Take Ford – market cap, $60 billion, 220,000 permanent employees worldwide. Take Uber – market cap (at a recent raise) $50 billion, 4,000 permanent employees worldwide. Ford looks like it has little of the financial wiggle room necessary to re-invent itself in the perfect storm, but it has.

Disrupted Disruption - Ford

It recently launched a scheme to encourage owners of its vehicles to rent them to other people via a slick app – it seems to work well and is getting some great PR – we’ll see how it pans out but it’s a great move by Ford – let’s hope it’s enough to save their business.