Disrupted Cars – How new Apple stores could become car showrooms

Some clues about the future of retail – and some scope for selling cars

iDisrupted Commentary

The momentum behind autonomous cars continues to grow – the challenge is going to be driving the adoption curve more steeply – and it just might be Apple that can do that.

Apples new car show room?
From Patently Apple

Apart from the recruitment ads for car engineers it’s now becoming obvious that Apple is building distribution and demonstration facilities into its new stores.

Adoption and disruption cometh to automotive. . .

From PatentlyApple: “On Thursday we posted a report titled “Apple’s Angela Ahrendts gives us a Peek at New Apple Store Concepts Coming to a Store near You.” As nice as photos are, the ‘Wired’ video provides us with a better look at the new San Francisco Apple Store. The one Apple Store feature that glaringly stood out was their massive sliding glass doors that, yes, could drive a car through it when fully opened. It would be able to double as a future iCar show room. Talk about planning ahead.”…more