Disrupted Cars – How Google will make money from Driverless Cars

Android Auto – Adwords for Cars

This is Google thinking out of the box again – and with a set of patents to back it up. The reason why they want to catalyse the development and use of driverless cars is simple. If you don’t have to concentrate on driving, you will be playing with your smartphone. This means Google can sell more advertising – especially in the context of geo-location. It can start to display ads for retailers locally, which is a significant new area of opportunity for big G.

How Google will make money out of driverless cars – Adwords for Autos


There is an excellent article dealing with this in Technology Review. Click here to read it.

This potentially has the opportunity to disrupt the whole automotive industry as mass produced low cost electric cars  in only one or two models rip the profit from the auto industry.