Disrupted Cars – an Apple car could turn the whole automotive industry on its head

Apple to do an iPhone on the automotive business and cause massive disruption?

iDisrupted Commentary

We’ve discussed Apple’s possible ambitions in the automotive space before – we’re not alone there’s been a lot of chatter this year already. If Apple do launch a car it’s going to have the same disruptive effect on the Fords and BMWs of this world as the iPhone did to the Nokias and Blackberrys.
Disrupted Cars - Apple Car?
Apple Car? Image from BGR.com
The disruptive convergence of self drive cars, electric vehicles, Google AndroidAuto, Tesla and a potential Apple car will turn the industry – and employment – on its head – Ford alone has 220,000 employees alone.
Whilst there is some fightback from the incumbents going on – see our article on Ford’s attempt at self disruption we believe an Apple vehicle is going to drive the industry one way – and out of the way of the legacy businesses.
This reporting from TechCrunch, “Apple Hires Ex-Fiat Chrysler Exec For Operations Role, Fueling Car Rumors” provides further evidence of Apple ambition in this area.
To add to the rumours MacRumours states this week that “Apple Was in Talks to Use BMW i3 as Basis for Electric Car Project”