Disrupted Apple – is Google going to become the most valuable company in the world?

1 year ago we predicted that Google would surpass Apple in terms of valuation – looks like we were right

iDisrupted Commentary

To quote my article of 5th April 2015; While Apple could be the first company to hit a $1 trillion valuation, Google could be the first to hit a $2 trillion market cap. Yes, $2 trillion. This is a business that was born in the past 15 years and started by two guys with an interest in how web pages score against each other, so how will Google get there?”

Looks like Gizmodo agrees with us…Google to overtake Apple?“Google had a big 2015: It changed its logo, divvied up its business into startups like Sidewalk, Calico, X, Fiber, and consolidated all those companies into one brand named Alphabet. Now Alphabet is very, very close to being named the world’s most valuable company—yes, more valuable than Apple.

The suite of companies that now form Google’s overarching powerbrand has been doing very well, and was valued today at over $500 billion, nearly closing the gap with its Silicon Valley rival Apple. Meanwhile, Apple has not been doing as hot. Humans simply are not buying phones like they used to, which could destroy Apple, since the company relies on iPhone sales for more than half of its revenue.

Meanwhile, what does Alphabet have going for it? Well, Google (and I meant the original Google) is still the king of advertising, of course, even when it masquerades as an “urban think tank,” and Alphabet’s offerings are heralding a new age of autonomous vehiclessecret robots, and scary-fast internet. 2016 will be another great year for Alphabet. It might not be that good for Apple at all.”