Disrupted Advertising – carriers start blocking ads and content moves toward cheap subscription

Advertising could be dead within 5 years?

iDisrupted Commentary

The ad industry must be getting sick and tired of me banging on about how their complete model is a dead man walking. From iOS9 ad blocking to the Internet Advertising Bureau attempted commercial suicide.

Now it looks the nail is in the coffin. Global telco wireless operator, Three, has announced it’s blocking  ads from a network level – you could see why – advertising chews up huge amount of bandwidth for no benefit to the operator or possibly the user.

Disrupted Advertising - carriers start blocking adds and content moves toward cheap subscriptionSeeing the writing on the wall, Wired, has now offered a subscription to its online publication – ad free. . .


From the Gaurdian: “Mobile company Three is to introduce adblocking across its UK and Italian networks, making it the first major European operator to do so.

Three has struck a deal with Israeli company Shine that will see the mobile adblocking technology introduced in the UK and Italy, followed by a “rapid roll-out” across its operations in other countries....more

From Bloomberg; “More than 1 in 5 people who visit Wired Magazine’s website use ad-blocking software. Starting in the next few weeks, the magazine will give those readers a choice: stop blocking ads, pay to look at a version of the site that is unsullied by advertisements, or go away. It’s the kind of move that was widely predicted last fall after Apple allowed ad-blocking in the new version of its mobile software, but most publishers have shied away from it so far. 

Wired plans to charge $3.99 for four weeks of ad-free access to its website”….more