At A Glance – Digital Supply Network

Goodbye supply chain, hello Digital Supply Network

Supply chains are responsible for moving a product from the supplier to the consumer. They are a fundamental pillar of business, but have become increasingly complicated in light of the digital revolution. In fact, supply chains have undergone so much disruption that they are evolving into a new concept. . . the Digital Supply Network (DSN).

DSNs represent the merger of digital and physical production and distribution methods. They bring together innovative techniques including AI, advanced robotics, the Internet of Things, and 3D printing to turn linear supply chains into connected, scalable systems. The development of DSNs has come about as part of the move toward what some call ‘Industry 4.0’, in which automation and data exchange are expected to transform entire product journeys. The impetus behind DSNs is to consolidate the scattered supply chains that exist today, integrating marketing, product development, manufacturing and distribution, collecting invaluable data at the same time and feeding back into the system.

Digital Supply Networks have helped organisations to achieve considerable breakthroughs in operational performance. They allow for increased visibility – a reoccurring phrase which refers to the data insights gathered to inform strategy – and thus the identification of new opportunities to improve overall efficiency. Without a coherent, connected supply network, businesses can fail to understand the health of their industry and prospective markets.