Delivering 21st Century Public Services

Disruption Summit Public Sector comes to Leeds on 24th March 2020

The impact of digital change and transformation is not unique to any one business or industry. Whether you sell consumer goods or supply social services, the rapid pace of change affects what is possible in your organisation, and what your customers expect.

Public services – education, healthcare, and government – are no more immune to the forces of change than their private counterparts, and there is an increasing acceptance that all organisations, no matter what their sector, face the same kinds of challenges.

Public sector specific

That said, the specific contexts of public sector service provision often impact the way that transformation projects can be devised and delivered. In the midst of dwindling budgets and rising citizen expectations, public institutions must design and deliver policies to effectively serve a diverse array of users. Whereas most private businesses cater to a highly segmented customer base, public sector services must be tailored to people from prison inmates to patients, and schoolchildren to those in social care.

The highly sensitive nature of much of this work, in the healthcare and justice sector, for example, and the legacy technology that still underpins much of public infrastructure, only complicate matters further, making public sector transformation a challenging and often frustrating space in which to operate.

However, in spite of all of these factors, the public sector has a significant asset on its side. This is the strength of its talent pool – the people who are truly committed to making a positive difference for ordinary people, and who have the skills required to make it happen.

To support, inspire and facilitate the transfer of knowledge between these individuals, Disruption Summit Public Sector is coming to Leeds on 24th March. We will welcome senior leaders across education, healthcare and central and local government for an intense day of learning about what it takes to deliver 21st century public services.

Get down to it

In a full day of talks, workshops, and collaborative roundtables, we’ll hear from inspirational leaders from the likes of NHSx, the University of Leeds, and the Department for Education, who are already delivering results through ambitious change programmes.

Importantly, the workshop and roundtable elements of the day have been specifically designed to foster peer to peer learning amongst attendees.

Disruption Summit Founder and CEO, Rob Prevett, explains why.

“We’re seeing such rapid change around digital transformation that in many cases the audience at these kinds of events knows as much as the people giving the presentations,” he says. “For me, this gives a real need for events to change from passive learning to be built instead around knowledge sharing, working together to solve common challenges. This is our motivation behind running Disruption Summit Public Sector.”

In order that everyone gets the most out of their day, the Disruption Summit team will also tailor each attendee’s experience to their specific needs.

“We’ve got a strict application process to help identify leaders who can positively contribute to the day,” says Prevett. “We’ll then put each person forward into the interactive sessions that will be of most value to the challenges of both their organisation and their role as an individual.”

Designing policies, delivering results

In one of the opening keynotes of the morning, Jack Collier, Deputy Director of Digital at the Department for Education, will examine the relationship between policy and delivery – which when misaligned, threatens the quality of services users receive.

The afternoon’s lightning talks will be kicked off by Paul Connell, the Founder and Innovation Lead at ODI Leeds, who will speak about a “radically open” way of operating, where projects and data are shared and the internet is used the way it’s supposed to be.

We’ll also hear from Neil Clark, Service Design Lead & Environmental Strategist at Manifesto, who’ll be discussing the environmental impact of the digital industry and some of the most effective solutions we have to mitigate it.

To close the day, Pam Warhurst, the inspirational Founder of community network Incredible Edible, will speak about the role of institutions in growing resourceful, responsible and healthy communities.

In addition, our interactive workshops will focus on topics such as structuring public sector organisations with change in mind; the impact of automation on the future of work; and how to clear a path through data collection, analysis and sharing.

Join us

If you’re a leader driving change in the public sector, we want to hear from you. Attendance at Disruption Summit Public Sector is free, open, and invited from individuals across digital, technology and transformation.

If successful, we’ll be in touch ahead of the event to ensure we understand your specific areas of interest, and help you get the most from your day.

We look forward to welcoming you to Leeds on 24th March.

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