DISRUPTION Magazine – Profit And Purpose – Winter 2019

The latest edition of DISRUPTIONHUB Magazine draws on expert insights and in house comment to explain why purpose really does go hand in hand with profit

In our Winter 2019 issue, DISRUPTIONHUB magazine looks at the importance of purpose and why it has become a primary driver for businesses. Purpose has moved beyond corporate social responsibility and now sits at the core of operations, directing initiatives and bringing stakeholders together.

Not so long ago, profit and purpose were seen as contradictory. However DISRUPTIONHUB’s Kev Cooke argues that combining profit and purpose is essential to business success.

“As the complex relationships between business and society become further entwined, it is more important than ever for businesses to draw around a common purpose, not just in pursuit of profit but also in terms of positive impact on the world around us,” he writes. “As a result, organisations are recognising the need to build purpose into the core of their work.”

Following her captivating keynote at Disruption Summit Europe 2018, we talk to Pam Warhurst to find out how she built a network based on purpose, growing Incredible Edible from a small community initiative into a national movement.

“Over the last 10 years, we’ve realised that there’s no Plan B for the planet,” she says. “What’s coming out of this is that we can change existing frameworks, having demonstrated that people at the grassroot level are perfectly prepared to change things themselves.”

Other key themes within the issue include personalisation, privacy, workplace culture, and corporate innovation. Each topic is fundamental to building purposeful strategies.

The issue also features a number of contributions from industry leaders. CEO of The Panoply, Neal Gandhi discusses the benefits of open data specifically for the commercial sector, and regular DISRUPTIONHUB guest contributor Haydn Shaughnessy hammers home the importance of developing true agility – rather than just saying you are.

In light of technological advances, Rhys Lewis, Director of the Quantum Metrology Institute at the National Physical Laboratory considers the extent to which quantum technologies will influence our lives, and Tony Fish wonders whether Amazon’s customer data might allow it to run a banking operation better than an actual bank.

This edition also showcases content straight from disruptionhub.com, including our Nine disruptive technology trends of 2019.

Finally, we introduce our new partnership with tech podcast Alexa Stop!, presented by technology entrepreneurs Robert Belgrave and Jim Bowes.

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