The Future of Delivery: Drones and Autonomous Vehicles

Ford’s Vision for the City of Tomorrow

All credit to Ford for having the good sense to look at themselves broadly, and to really know what business they are in. By understanding they are not simply a vehicle manufacturer, but are in fact facilitators of transport and the delivery of people and things to places.

Ford, correctly, has seen itself as a mobility company. This insight is leading to new innovations and potential business models for them – as we can see here with one of their new concepts – Autolivery.

As part of Ford’s exploration into its concept of the ‘City of Tomorrow‘, Autolivery gives us a coherent vision of one aspect of our lives in sustainable, IoT connected smart cities of the future.

Ford’s vision is to have autonomous vehicles and drones working in partnership to overcome the difficulty of the last part of automated delivery, from van to front door.

There are clear benefits to companies in this kind of future exploration. Ford are at the very least, redefining their company and setting themselves up to be a powerful influence on the way transport, delivery and mobility develop. While at most, they are marking out their claim on a large territory that they hope to lead in future.

Ford’s innovation is, in a sense, a ‘self disruption’. By taking the time to look at the long view – and consider the challenges their automotive business could face tomorrow, they help safeguard themselves against future disruption by consolidating and broadening their aims for the future by reimagining their company today.