Tina is passionate about innovation in health and science, and tapping into the talents and creativity in people to drive change. She believes that in uncertain times organisations will increasingly depend on the certainty of purpose to guide their future. After studying genetics and deciding not to pursue medicine, Tina spent many years in the agency world, running her own medical education consultancy and working in various independent and global network agencies, helping big pharma and other healthcare corporates educate doctors and create awareness around new drugs, treatments and diagnostics. Over the last 4 years Tina has worked increasingly in the fast-moving area of health technology, and has established relationships with leading incubators, accelerators, investors, digital health start-ups, clinical innovators and tech corporates. She has a special interest in how developments in other industry sectors, such as financial services, insurance and education, are driving the changes we are seeing in health, particularly in relation to consumer choice and attitudes. She recently founded Collider Health to catalyse new thinking and doing, recognising that traditional healthcare companies cannot innovate fast enough and are being turned upside down by the exponential rate of technological change. They need access to new thinking and new ideas and are looking increasingly to start-ups for help- not least because a lot of talent is moving there. Tina is passionate about helping young businesses and new ventures succeed and looking to pioneer more socially-driven collaborations with large and small businesses.