Sean Murphy

Sean Murphy

CEO - Lootok, Lootok

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About Sean Murphy

Sean Murphy founded Lootok in 2006 with a vision: to do business continuity management differently. As CEO of Lootok, BCI board member, and former executive at Marsh & McLennan Risk Consulting and Ernst & Young, Sean has blazed a path as a visionary through the business continuity industry. He blends cognitive science, military models, storytelling, engagement strategies, and industry standards to create new ways of understanding and managing risk. You can often see Sean at the helm of executive-level meetings providing guidance on such topics as brand reputation, system design, resiliency engineering, and crisis management.

It was Sean’s vision that led to the establishment of Lootok as a new kind of risk consulting company—a dynamic think-tank of business continuity and risk management experts with members from a cross-section of other disciplines to challenge conventional practices and to infuse new thought into the industry. An avid learner, Sean constantly strives to consider how people perceive risk, interpret new concepts, and retain information. Through Lootok’s use of storytelling techniques and competitive group activities that encourage teamwork and teach difficult concepts, play is made purposeful.