Ryan Edwards-Pritchard

Ryan Edwards-Pritchard

Advisor - Fintechs, Big Tech & Banking

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About Ryan Edwards-Pritchard

Ryan has 10 years executive experience in growing companies from startup to scaleup phase.

Over the last 4 years he’s worked as the Managing Director of Funding Options, where he took the company from a scrappy startup to Europe’s largest digital marketplace for Small Business finance, that also received investment from the Corporate Venture arm of the globally renowned bank ING.

In that time he’s also worked closely with UK Government on the introduction of the internationally unique and first of its kind piece of regulatory policy in the Bank Referral Scheme, which has a mandate of providing greater support to small business owners to access finance once rejected by any of the 9 largest UK banks as recognised by the Competition & Markets Authority.

Ryan focuses his time on researching emerging technological and regulatory trends that could specifically innovate the fast growing alternative finance sector as well as exploring how to help startups amplify the application of Open Banking across the fintech industry as a whole.