Rob Hoehn

Rob Hoehn

CEO, IdeaScale

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About Rob Hoehn

Rob Hoehn is the co-founder and CEO of IdeaScale: the largest idea management platform in the world with more than 35,000 communities and 4.5 million users. IdeaScale empowers organisations to crowdsource ideas from their employees or customers who then collaborate, evaluate, and further develop those ideas into products, processes, and new initiatives.

IdeaScale has been consistently recognised as a top solution by industry analysts at Gartner, Forrester, and others. IdeaScale’s client roster includes IKEA, the Cleveland Cavaliers, Doctors Without Borders, Freddie Mac, Marriott Vacations Worldwide, NASA, the United Way, the US Air Force, and many others.

Prior to IdeaScale, Hoehn was a co-founder of QuestionPro, an insight technology company, where he helped launch the company in its early stages.

He also speaks regularly about climate change and lives with his wife, two kids, and husky in Berkeley, CA. He holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of Vermont.