Minter Dial

Minter Dial

Branding & Digital Strategy Consultant

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About Minter Dial

Minter Dial is a professional speaker, author, filmmaker & consultant on Branding and Digital Strategy. Minter has given over 500 talks and seminars to audiences in five continents about topics ranging from new tech trends to digital strategy and leadership in the digital era.

Minter’s core strength is making brand and digital strategies come to life through his experiential activation programs. He's the author and producer of the award-winning book and WWII documentary film, The Last Ring Home, which aired nationally on PBS in North America and History Channel in Australia and NZ. See the trailer:

His second book, Futureproof, How To Get Your Business Ready For The Next Disruption (Pearson / FT) co-written with Caleb Storkey, won the Business Book Award 2018. His latest book, Heartificial Empathy, Putting Heart into Business and Artificial Intelligence, has been shortlisted for the Business Book Awards 2019.

He is based out of Paris and London, and is able to deliver speeches in English, French and, with due preparation, in Spanish.