Kev Cooke

Kev Cooke

CCO & Publishing Director, DisruptionHub

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About Kev Cooke

Kev is our Chief Creative Officer & Publishing Director.

He works with leaders and experts from some of the world’s largest businesses, brands and academic institutions, alongside innovators, disruptive start-ups, scale-ups, and emerging challengers, to collaborate, discover, develop and share ideas and insights.

An experienced leader, editor, and commentator - he helps our contributors shape their work and our team devise new projects.

His diverse experience and appetite for knowledge - plus the ability to bring them together in useful and unique ways brings great value. Kev presents well reasoned points of view that get you thinking differently.

His focus is on design, innovation, culture, technology, and disruption - and their impact on business, society, and life. He is often found talking about things like – business, innovation, design, purpose, creativity, futures thinking, language, context, culture, communication, experiential design, behavioural economics, brands, identity and the power of knowledge sharing to effect positive change.