Katz Kiely

Katz Kiely

Founder and CEO of Kiely & Co, Kiely & Co

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About Katz Kiely

Katz Kiely, Founder and CEO of Kiely & Co. She is a digital pioneer and serial entrepreneur who has designed and led digital transformation and culture change projects for some of the world’s most complex and risk averse organisations. She built the world’s first open innovation platform for HP, re-architected the way a UN agency did business and delivered a ground-breaking project with Intel that connected mobiles, big screens and data to change behaviour.

She judges for digital awards, writes for b2b publications and has shared her passion and experience at conferences including SXSW, TEDx and IBC. Katz also works with global political leaders to address some of the world’s most pressing social challenges including employment, education, health and digital inclusion.

She is an invited member of Vint Cerf’s I4J Global Leadership and a proud ambassador for the Burning Man Foundation.

Kiely & Co. is building BEEP (Behavioural Enterprise Engagement Platform), a ground-breaking software toolkit that enables continuous improvement, distributed decision-making and people powered transformation.