John Straw

Co Founder, DisruptionHub

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About John Straw

John is a serial technology entrepreneur with 5 startups (martech and searchtech) and 5 exits behind him (including one to Microsoft).

He was Chair of Thomas Cook’s Digital Advisory Board to 2016, and CDO during it’s digital transformation. He authored a book on disruptive technology, iDisrupted, and is an active VC in early stage start-ups including insuretech disruptor BoughtbyMany and ecommerce disruptor Ctrlio

John has been Senior Advisor to McKinsey & Company since 2016.

Since authoring iDisrupted in 2016 John has given over 100 speeches exploring the effect and use cases of AI, chatbots, layered data, IoT, blockchain and VR/AR – his thinking has now evolved to the next level of technology disruption - TheConvergence - what happens when all of these advanced technologies integrate to- the genesis of Industry 5.0. John takes a balanced view between the hype and reality and make real world predictions of how TheConvergence will emerge.

For insightful and inspiring speeches on the new world order John provides simple explanations and real world studies of how TheConvergence changes business and economics.

For booking enquiries please email Sam Bailey at Speakers Office, [email protected]