Alastair McAulay

Alastair McAulay

IT Transformation Expert, PA consulting

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About Alastair McAulay

Alastair is PA Consulting’s expert on the deployment of innovative new information technologies to achieve disruptive business transformations.
He has over thirty years' experience with large scale IT implementation and transformation programmes. This has included defining, running and operating IT modernisation programmes for a wider variety of Blue Chip organisations; these experiences range from deploying Expert Systems to run oil pipelines in the 1990s, through to the early cloud computing deployments for global pharmaceutical companies in the 2010s, and more latterly with defining strategies to help financial regulators take advantage of artificial intelligence’s ability to analyse massive data sets on the cloud.
Alastair’s insights are widely respected within the IT industry and he is frequently quoted within the press on topics such as cloud computing, AI and Blockchain.