Augmented Reality Inside Your Eyes

From external wearables to internal implants

Talk of Augmented Reality hit the mainstream in July 2016 with Pokémon GO, a hugely popular mobile app which topped both the Android and iTunes charts in just a few days. Though perhaps not the pinnacle of AR, the app’s success led to the development of a watch-like device, representing the wider trend towards wearable technology. As we look to augment ourselves further, the next logical step from external wearables are internal implants.

Video here:

Omega Ophthalmics is one of many companies working on integrated body technology. The Kentucky based firm has created an interface that sits inside the eye instead of around our heads, working like a permanent contact lens. The ‘Gemini’ Refractive Capsule is first and foremost a medical device for treating sight defects like cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration. The device is essentially a capsular bag, inserted behind the iris to enable drug delivery, biometric sensors and additional lenses. Health benefits aside, the company has made it clear that the capsule also provides a platform for AR, VR and Mixed Reality software. Understandably, it’s something you have to see to believe – which is why Omega revealed a recording of the first successful implantation this summer. It looks like the manufacturers of headsets are being disrupted before they’ve even experienced mainstream adoption.