INFOGRAPHIC – 5 Drivers of Business Disruption in 2017

AI, IoT, CyberSecurity, APIs and Automation

#1 The Rise of AI in our Daily lives:

Artificial IntelligenceAI platforms are transforming the way that businesses are run, offering in depth analytics and streamlined B2C interaction. These applications will skyrocket in 2017 entering every part of our daily lives. . .but what happens when AI exceeds human-level capabilities?


#2 Using IoT for Profit, Not Just for Saving Money:

In 2017 IoT will finally come of age moving from a solution for saving money to offering a viable revenue stream for business. The start of an ‘Everything Connected’ world.



#3 Increasing Incidents of Commercially Orientated DDoS Attacks:

Cybercrime has emerged as a serious concern for business after a number of devastating attacks in 2016. DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service), which blocks access to entire networks will create havoc for commercial businesses.


#4 The Revolution in Commercial APIs:

Businesses have used APIs for years, but now open interfaces and B2B negotiations are changing the nature of the software. Commercial APIs are becoming business models in their own right, and 2017 will see the rise of the API economy. 


#5  Automation to Decimate Middle Class Jobs:

Automation was a hot topic in 2016, promising mass unemployment and changing processes essentially in all sectors. Over the course of 2017 automated systems will start to replace human workers in more and more industries. Is this the start of mass unemployment?


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Top 5 Drivers of Disruption in 2017