Disrupted Uber – Facebook has a plan

Tech companies disrupting tech companies – the sectors they are disrupting don’t even get a look-in

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We like Uber at iDisrupted. We think it’s enough of a shock to the world’s transportation system that it will spark innovation.

From TechInsider: “It might just be so, to an extent. Business Insider spotted a new patent that indicates the company is considering a ridesharing feature right on an event’s page.

Disrupted Uber - Facebook has a plan
Disrupted Uber – Facebook has a plan

It could be integrated right onto the events page through a new “Going and driving” selection where you’d normally mark whether you’re attending or not:

The site would then prompt ask you about how many passengers you could potentially carry, ask you to invite others to join, set your departure location, as well as set overall visibility for your invite. Drivers can extend their pickup invitations to friends only, friends of friends, all users invited, or other groups of people.

Alternatively, you could be the one to hitch a ride, in which case Facebook will let you know what friends might be able to drive you there. Interestingly, you could also choose to attend via transit, in which case the app will try to pair you with someone else taking public transportation.

It’ll then work a lot like your standard ride sharing app, showing you your driving route and who’ll be picked up along the way.

Although patents often just cover vague concepts for future proofing and legal purposes, this one makes a ton of practical sense.

You’re likely to have some friends going to the same events you do, and car sharing could help people involved save money and time. Not to mention that 1.4 billion people using Facebook, it could just cut down on some pollution too.

And while events are fine and dandy (Facebook’s been putting in a lot of work to improve the feature), the concept could go so much further: imagine if the company eventually expanded the functionality to daily commutes too.

Facebook has a clever idea to turn itself into a ride-sharing platform on Business Insider